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Classes Offered


CW Canine Consulting offers a wide variety of classes for all ages and stages.  

Group classes are a great way to work with your dog on a weekly basis and continue to grow and build your relationship. 


Check out all of the classes below as well as our full schedule.

Register for classes in Devon at The Dog Shoppe or in St. Albert at Mr. Pet's.

Before the Basics – 2h Puppy Information Session

Congratulations you just brought home a new puppy!  This one time information session is a great introduction to what you will need to get started.  We walk you through the puppy basics of leashes, feeding, crates, housebreaking and more...while setting the ground rules for you and your family on managing your new four legged friend. You can attend class with or without your pup depending on their age (must have all vaccinations)


All family members are welcome to attend. As an added bonus you will receive a $15 discount card for “The Basics” class.


Dog’s Age: New Puppy – 5 months (or attend before you bring your new puppy home)

Price: $125.00 + GST

2h Information session

(This can also be turned into a Private Lesson.  Private Lesson rates apply)


The Basics

This class is not only obedience, but behavioural training as well. We work on a number of things including basic commands and mastering the walk.  Another wonderful skill we will teach you is how to claim objects and space! No more baby gates!  We also throw in fun tricks and boredom busting brain games.


Five or six months old is an excellent age to start training but in case you are wondering you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! This class is geared towards anyone with a dog, old dogs included. 


Everyone in your household is welcome to come to training.  Although small kids can be a big distraction, older kids are welcome to participate in the class once their parents have mastered the skills.

​Dog’s Age: 5 months or older

Price: $225.00 + GST

5 consecutive classes @ 1h 15 min each


Nosework - Level One 

Nosework is basic scent detection training for your dog. It allows them to combine their amazing sense of smell with their love of performing a task. 


In the class, we teach the dogs to identify a specific scent, to locate the scent and then tell us that they have found it. As the dogs gain more experience, we ask them to be able to discriminate between different scents.


Any dog of any age can do Nosework. It is a low impact activity for both human and canine and is something that dogs love to do. We love it because using their nose requires a great deal of energy and effort from the dog which keeps them busy and tires them out. 


It is an especially good activity for dogs that are older, have mobility issues, are a bit shy or have not been socialized very well.

Dog’s Age: Any age including senior dogs or dog's that have mobility issues

Price: $285.00 (GST included)

7 consecutive classes @ 1h each

Nosework - Level Two

In level 2 Nosework, we build upon what the dogs have learned in level 1. We solidify the basics, make the scenting tasks more challenging for them, include vehicle searches and may start to introduce an additional scent. 

Pre-requisite to attend: dogs need to have taken an introductory Nosework class 

*Prerequisite - Nosework Level One

Dog’s Age: Any age including senior dogs or dog's that have mobility issues

Price: $285.00 (GST included)

7 consecutive classes @ 1h each


Behaviour Based Basics*

Another avenue to take once “The Basics” has been completed.  In this class we will continue to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog, along with practicing socialization in many different scenarios. From the happy go lucky over excited dog, to the reactive ones. This class will help you master calmness in every situation.


*Prerequisite - The Basics

Dog’s Age: 5 months or older

Price: $225.00 + GST

5 consecutive classes @ 1h 15 min each

Beyond the Basics*

Once “The Basics” has been mastered it is time to move on to some new challenges! In this class we will work on enhancing the bond you have with your dog. We will challenge you both on out of sight stays, learn more body language cues while perfecting your skills from the previous class.  


For a physical challenge we will also be introducing some agility equipment!  This class will be filled with fun! 


*Prerequisite - The Basics

Dog’s Age: 5 months or older

Price: $225.00 + GST

5 consecutive classes @ 1h 15 min each

Do More with Your Dog – Trick Class

As a certified Dog Trick Instructor under Kyra Sundance Christine will teach you and your dog some fun new tricks.  This five-week class includes an interactive workbook along with a deck of 30 trick cards illustrating the step-by-step instructions on how to teach the trick. This could be the beginning of earning your Dog Trick Titles from Novice to Expert…or just come out and have some fun! 

Dog’s Age: 6 months or older 

Price: $225.00 + GST

5 consecutive classes @ 1h 30 min each

Treadmill Training 

The weather outside has been frightful.  

To cold to go out,

To cold to play ball 

So your pups sat in the house, doing nothing at all!

Come join Christine and learn the tools you need to get your pup on the treadmill.   


This class will cover:
- How to safely introduce your dog to the treadmill
- How to motivate your dog on the treadmill
- Learn how the treadmill is a mental and physical challenge 
- How to match your dog’s needs on the treadmill (How long? What intensity?) 


Dog’s Age: 6 months or older

Price: $55.00 + GST

1h Information session

FREE Meditation Pack Walks - for ANYONE who has a dog

Bring your friends and family and come join Christine on a meditation pack walk. This is a great way to practice using calm energy while working with your dog and walking with a loose leash.  This will help you feel more confident in how you manage your dog in new places and with new people.  


CW Socials - For CW Graduates & Approved puppies under 6m

A great way to work on socialization with your dog.  These classes will be open to my clients and their dogs who have graduated The Basics.  This class is NOT open to the public unless your dog is UNDER 6 months old and pre-registered.


In order to maintain safety and structure there will a set of rules that will be followed for every social.  Dogs will be divided into like groups so they all feel comfortable and safe. Waivers will have to signed in advance for anyone participating in class.

Private Lessons

A great way to work on specific problems you are having with your dog in the comfort of your own home.  It doesn't matter if it is obedience or behavioral issues you are having I specialize in both. I will assess your problems and work with you to come up with solutions to achieve the desired behaviour you want.  

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