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(For CW Graduates & Approved puppies under 6m)


Socials in Devon @ The Dog Shoppe 36 Exploration Drive Devon, AB​


A great way to work on socialization with your dog.  These classes will be open to my clients and their dogs who have graduated The Basics.  This class is NOT open to the public unless your dog is UNDER 6 months old and pre-registered.  


In order to maintain safety and structure there will a set of rules that will be followed for every social.  Dogs will be divided into like groups so they all feel comfortable and safe. Waivers will have to signed in advance for anyone participating in class


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your Social.  The doors will be locked once we start and will not opened until the Social is finished.


You will be expected to also walk for the 30 minute Social Class.  Our movement helps the dogs keep moving in a nice flow. Children under 16 will not be permitted.


Once the leashes are off you will not be permitted to talk, touch or correct any dogs including your own.  CW Staff will be there to assist any dogs not ready to be let off-leash and keep the peace during Social Class.  If we get more dogs that need to be handled then available staff we will do our best to share the time

Buy a VIP (Very Important Pup) Five Punch Pass for $20 and get one Social for FREE or pay $5 at the door per dog.

Socials consist of 8 different classes.  If you are not sure where your dog should be please contact Christine at least one day before the class


Party Animal & Wild Woofers 

Happy go lucky large dogs 


Canine Club & Hound Hangout 

Large dogs that like a more relaxed Social (not for puppies)


Mutt Mixer

For medium dogs that like a more relaxed Social 


Big Paw Palooza

This class is for our big approved puppies and big adolescent pups under two.  As they grow out of their awkward stage they will potentially move up to Party Animal or Wild Woofers.


Small Snout Shindig 

A social for all of the happy go lucky small dogs & approved puppies between 

15lbs – 25lbs


Mini Mutt Medley

A safe place for little dogs & approved puppies 10lbs and under to run and play





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